Batman animated series two face appearances

Twoface moderates his inner conflict with a special coin that is scratched on one side. Two face tells the tragic saga of gothams white knight, harvey dent. As two face rose to power, candice kept a close tab on his doings, much of which were attacks on thornes legal and illegal businesses. Twoface was one of the few characters to go relatively unchanged when batman.

Many of the supervillains who appear in the series, like the characters joker, penguin and riddler. But when dent meets with thorne at a chemical plant, big bad harv takes over, and the resulting confrontation leads to an explosion that horribly scars half. The animated series depicted harvey dent as not only. My disappointment in this figure stems from the fact that unlike the other dc collectibles batman animated series figures, the newer ones such as scarecrow, two face, etc. Batman the animated series episode 11 two face part ii. He is the former head of the district attorneys office and bruce waynes best friend, but after suffering from his multiple personality disorder and an explosion that scared half of his body, harveys darker personality took over and turned him into two face. All went well until a stray bullet caused an explosion, turning dent into two face. Rupert thorne, a mob boss learned of harvey dents other side and knew if it was exploited it could ruin dents career. Twoface was formerly gotham citys crusading district attorney. Bruce wayne paid for the procedure, but twoface arranged a plan to have himself kidnapped and prevent harveys full recovery.

The animated series twoface part ii tv episode 1992. The animated series such a special show, the day the show and these episodes were formed was the dawn of a new day, where batman proves that hes not just cheesy nonsense from the 60s. This side of harvey has a coin that he flips methodically, and during this encounter, he teases and talks down to his. Im planning to sketch all my favorite characters, starting with two face. Twoface features as a recurring character in batman. Animation and its creators, i do not own any rights of batman. Twoface animated series dorbz dc comics pop price guide. Mobster rupert thorne attempts to use harvey dents secret split personality to blackmail him. Gilda most recent appearance in modern continuity occurred in batman. I dont see a lot of blue version two face out there and. This and part 2 of this story arc are perfect examples of what makes batman.

Harvey dent, now calling himself two face, resurfaces and starts robbing rupert thornes illegal businesses, preparing for a final confrontation with the crime boss, and batman must stop his former friend before he and thorne kill each other. As twoface rose to power, candice kept a close tab on his doings, much of which were attacks on thornes legal and illegal businesses. Candice just sat there, and watched all the men in the room fight. The animated series and the dark knight, harvey became a sneaky two face after getting caught in an explosion. Two face begins robbing rupert thornes business in revenge while both the gangster and batman hunt the dichotomous supervillain for their own reasons.

The animated series or 10th and 11th, based on production order. The dark knight battles his inner demons as well as the evil figures who bedevil him. The stands prevented the figures from falling over and contained concept art of the characters at the base. He makes appearances both as predisfiguration harvey dent and as twoface. The following is a list of characters that have appeared in the television series the batman, which ran from september 11, 2004, to march 22, 2008. Twisted and split between justice and crime, between harvey dent and the monster he became, batman. Poison ivy a rivalry or sense of hatred exist between twoface and ivy in batman. Harvey dent aka twoface is a former district attorney of gotham, but now a professionial criminal. We look back on the introduction of twoface into batman animated. The animated series due to ivy attempting to murder harvey dent with plant toxins some time before his incident.

Batman the animated series has some unbelievably adult moments. Volume two features appearances from villains killer croc, two face, harley quinn, ras al ghul and. The animated series changed to the new batman adventures. Harvey dent, better known as two face is the secondary antagonist of the television series batman. Concept art of harvey as two face was made before the show was cancelled. Harvey dent had made a few appearances on the show prior to this. Inspired by batman s animated tv adventures, these tales from batman adventures feature manbat, two face, poison ivy, superman and many others. For those playing the home game, gilda is also called grace throughout the run of batman. The animated series became the new batman adventures. Harvey dent becomes two face batman the animated series duration. In it, harvey is walking around lost and cofused until he confronts his alterego, known as big bad harv. The animated series toy line and featured a firing spiked ball. He uses this coin as the arbiter of his own brand of demented justice, flipping the coin to determine his decisions.

Theyre entertaining for the most part, but for someone watching it for the first time there may be a tendency to wonder what all the hype is about. The animated series two face action figure stands about 6 14inches tall and showcases the animated series iconic take. Grace lamont made no further appearances in the television shows, but did. On leather wings as harvey dent pretty poison as harvey dent twoface part i as harvey dent. The animation style bears a strong resemblance to that of jackie chan adventures, since jeff matsuda was the chief character designer for both shows.

Waynes serum allows him to act as a superhuman batman, but he eventually learns that the potion has also given him a split personality in the form of a ruthless murderer known as the joker. Its a thrilling episode and is the first to truly present a meditation on a character outside of batman and reward the viewer for sticking with it. The animated series two parter twoface, halloween portrays dent as a valiant public figure struggling to negotiate his desire to see punishment for gothams criminals with his obligation to the legal rules and procedures that he has sworn to uphold. I love the show and i hope one day we get a cg batman movie not lego batman. Two face s bandaged appearance resembles his appearance in george orwells 1984. Two years after the release of the good, the bad, and the ugly, clint eastwood had supposedly been cast to be two face in the batman tv show. But two face cant help but feel superior to these people he cast out. His new look was crisper and more inline with the rest of the dc animated universe having been given more squaredoff shoulders and sharper lines on his suit, but other than that, he remained virtually the. Dc collectibles batman the animated series two face 6 inch. All went well until a stray bullet caused an explosion, turning dent into twoface. Two faces, twoface is depicted in the victorian era, opposed by his friend bruce wayne after bruce uses a potion on himself that he devised to try and cure twofaces split personality. The animated series twoface part ii tv episode 1992 trivia on. The animated series have been a little up and down. Harvey dent has a bad dream while napping in his office.

When a fight ensued between dent and thornes menk, a freak explosion destroyed the left side of. Batman has a horrible dream involving harvey two face and the whole scene with the passing of batgirl is a little intense. The animated series two face s duality and penchant for two themed mayhem has long presented batman with unique challenges. Batman the animated series episode 11 twoface part ii. This would not only have brought the character into the show, but it also would have been his first appearance since he vanished from the comics in 1954. What is not necessarily the best episode, but the one that is a perfect unit of batman. On the election trail, harvey dent gradually loses control of his repressed evil alternate personality until gangster rupert thorne inadvertently unleashes it. In two faces story, he tied batman on top of a giant coin. The series has since aired in reruns on various other broadcast and cable networks, including the wb, cartoon network, boomerang and the hub. Twofaces opposing personalities are constantly at war, but as batman learns, it is usually the bad side that wins. After dent freaked out and attacked thorne, batman showed up. The episode begins with harvey dent being chased by a mysterious figure who. Twoface was eventually captured by batman and taken back to arkham, to continue his rehabilitation. Future interactions between the two shows that the only thing keeping twoface from killing ivy out of revenge is a lucky coin flip.

The story is by alan burnett and randy rogel, and both episodes are directed by kevin altieri. The animated series is an american television series based on the dc comics superhero batman, which was produced by warner bros. Grouping optional this option allows you to sortfiltergroup your want list by any grouping you define priority, character, etc notification email. Grace lamont made no further appearances in the television shows, but did appear in the comics. Two face happens to be the first two part episode in the first season for batman. Batman the animated series two face at hospital batman cartoon episodes. The animated series, and appropriately enough, its the origin of twoface. With twoface, the animated series takes another creative leap. An action figure of that version of clayface was featured in batman. The freaks dont care about two face s appearance, they just want him to understand the underpinnings of this new society. Grace did not appear on any other episode on the series but made a few appearances in the comics. Of course, the series could have gone the vein of other batman adaptations and just feature him as a villain of the day, but this one established dent early on, making his fall more crushing. Batman the animated series episode 1 on leather wings.

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