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It is the psuedeocheilinus hexataenia sixline wrasse one sees most in the trade. Amateur ham radio modes using modems and sound card. Wrasse sc 2 180s shareware fully functional except image save and rttycw logging disabled until registered. Join facebook to connect with john wrasse and others you may know. I am only going to focus on wrasses in categories 1 and 2 for a few reasons, but mainly because the entire classification of wrasses is so large, this thread could literally be my life. The mouth is slightly pointed for probing in crevices. The yellow coris wrasse is a great starter fish due to its compactness, durability and ease to feed. Found in loose schools over exposed surge channels and gutters around large acropora plates over clear outer lagoon and. Does the yellow coris wrasse require sand like the other. Amateur radio digital modes and slow scan televisionsstv.

So far he ignores the other tank mates pair of clowns and a firefish but he keeps displaying all the. Sc1 units contained the first linesequential singleframe color gbr. Multiscan 3b sstv for apple macos sstv on mac is possible using multiscan 3 b is an application for ham radio slow scan tv sstv communications. Six line wrasse compatible with longfin fairy wrasse. Most specimens can be trained to accept high quality flake food and flake food can be used as the foundation of a good diet for solar fairy wrasses. Most modern sstv activities are computer based, and are relatively easy to set up. Software applications designed to use a pcs sound card have made digital. The universal dsp controller works with the motorola dsp56002, and a lot of software is available.

The sc1 is the latest model wraase converter to be described here. Many of these wrasse fish species are very active by nature and are nearly always open swimming. Slow scan television sstv is a picture transmission method used mainly by amateur radio. All that is required to join the fun is a radio, a sound card interface, and a pc with sstv software. Giacomo bernardi, an evolutionary biologist at uc santa cruz, reports that on a recent diving expedition to australias great barrier reef he discovered and filmed a wrasse, called an orange. It inhabits areas with rocks and eelgrass at depths from 1 to 30 m 3. Cables and cords, although necessary, can be messy, unsightly, and unsafe. Quick start for mmsstv graphics by joe wj5hm mm sstv slant adjust by rick wb0vzw getting started with sstv qst sept. There may be lots of reasons for acquiring a private weather satellite readout station, but one thing is sure. Coral active full telephony and multimedia functionality.

Aug 12, 2017 curious about your experiences with yellow coris wrasses. When i first began investigating the requirements for designing an sstv system, one of the first. Sstv pad lets you decode and display ham amateur radio sstv slow scan tv transmissions. Sep 29, 2011 giacomo bernardi, an evolutionary biologist at uc santa cruz, reports that on a recent diving expedition to australias great barrier reef he discovered and filmed a wrasse, called an orange. Martin, sc wrasse, pd, p pasokon, mp, mr, ml, mp narrow, mc narrow. Depending on life stage this fish also goes by the common appellations as the red as young and yellowtail coris. The yellow coris wrasse or golden wrasse is bright yellow with a black dot on the front part of its dorsal fin. Wrasse, any of nearly 500 species of marine fishes of the family labridae order perciformes. Wrasses range from about 5 cm 2 inches to 2 metres 6. Sstv pad decodes all of the popular sstv modes, including robot, scottie, martin, and more.

The sound card of a pc, with special processing software, acts as a modem. He did check out the whole tank, and the jawfish didnt like it much when he tried to swim into his burrow, but after that tense moment, things have been fine. Early linesequential modes, such as wrasse sc1, used a horizontal sync pulse for. Coral active integrates multiple systems and technologies into a flawless unified interface. Only direct reception from satellite provides accurate and realtime information of the current weather situation. Six line wrasse care size, life span, tank mates, breeding. I am considering him for my frag tank to control some flatworms but i. Sep 25, 2014 1 mandarin 1 starry blenny 1 green chromis 1 yellow fin fairy wrasse 1 blue sided fairy wrasse 1 cleaner shrimp a bunch of nassariusturbo snails and redblue legged hermit crabs i have ordered a male solon from liveaquaria which should will be here saturday i have a qt all set up i was thinking of adding another wrasse after the solon if. Wrasse records ladysmith black mambazo lucky dube angelique kidjo ismael lo salif keita king sunny ade skatalites geoffrey oryema tony allen nara leao sergio mendes fela kuti miriam makeba dorothy masuka mahotella queens manu dibango blackball. Of all the wrasses i have had he is the only one who doesnt bury in the sand.

The fcc legalized sstv for amateur radio use in 1968, but because of the. Fish known as wrasses are found to use tools sfgate. But help may be on its way an army of 15 million liceeating ballan wrasse. They are some of the most colorful saltwater fish that can be incorporated into a reef aquarium. P3, p5 and p7 avt all modes can be sendreceived in.

Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the. Just connect your device to an hf radio or even set it next to the radios speaker, tune in an sstv frequency, and watch the pictures. The yellow coris wrasse will also clean the tank of harmful parasites. There is a huge chance that the six line wrasse will fight with the banana wrasse and may even kill it. Characteristic features of the wrasses include thick lips, smooth. The fivestripe wrasse is found in the indopacific region growing up to 15cm in length. The arrl technical coordinator tc is a sectionlevel official appointed by the section manager to coordinate all technical activities within the section. The concept of sstv was introduced by copthorne macdonald in 195758. Jeffrey kopcak k8jtk ohio section technical coordinator. The cable snake tm was created to eliminate the negative characteristics of cables by providing a practical, stylish and easy to use cable organizer. Orangehead wrasse, iridis wrasse, radiant african wrasse description. The halichoerus wrasse is larger than the largest of the pylei wrasses. The six line should leave your corals, clams, and most other invertebrates alone. Eberhard backeshoff dk8jv has now his own jvcomm32 www page.

Every company has different needs, and those needs will change over time with added systems and new customer expectations. Sep 12, 2011 i consider three big breaks in the entire wrasse family which are as follows. Quick start for mmsstv graphics by joe wj5hm mmsstv slant adjust by rick wb0vzw getting started with sstv qst sept. The hardwicki wrasse or sixbar wrasse has a light pastel green body with six black vertical bars running down its body and iridescent pink lines surging out from around the eyes. Our interface grows and scales with them, so you can continue to deliver the same amazing experience to your customers. Nov 20, 2009 i added a hovens wrasse as the last fish in my tank aquapod 24. A sturdy fish, the radiant wrasse is an unusual colored fish and will spend most of its early introduction hiding in sand. Weather satellite receiver systems wraase electronic. There are many sstv web cams round the world some call them sstv cams or webcams. It is an excellent fish for a reef aquarium and passive with most popular reef fish, including other wrasses. Multiscan 3b can transmit and receive pictures in the following formats modes.

The sea lice parasite is the greatest disease problem facing the norwegian aquaculture industry. If you own a pc most of the softwarehardware packages for sstv are designed. I tried a small, docile leopard with the two established fairy wrasses and they tried to kill it. Radiant wrasses will eat fireworms, flatworms and pyramidillid snails. It has gotten along good with a yellow head jawfish and a true perc clown. The wrasse in this category are very beautiful and active. Sstv software on line check these bulletin board systems arrl hiram bbs, tel 8605940306 cookie bbs, tel 4195626327 elmer bbs, tel 3029457224 or surf the web for sstv. Sstv description and mode specifications barberdsp. The cable snake tm cable organizer will change the look of connective cable. The ocellated wrasse symphodus ocellatus is a species of wrasse native to the eastern atlantic ocean and throughout the mediterranean sea, the black sea, and the sea of azov.

Labridae wrasses see list of species below select class. In university of kentucky engineering library, came across bell system technical journal about image transmissions using. Now days les and myself are now using mmsstv program. S4 rgb 36 120 c dx rgb 269 240 b wraase sc 1 24 rgb 24 120 c 48 rgb 48 240 b 96 rgb 96 240 b wraase sc 2 30 rgb 30 128 60 rgb 60 256 120 rgb 120 256 180 rgb 180 256 there are also some experimental modes implemented in only one or two systems. I have a juvenile red coris wrasse around 2 1 2 inches and a 2 1 2 inch ctenochaetus binotatus in separate quarantine tanks right now. In the case of scottie, martin, robot, and wrasse modes, our source is the firmware for the. We then moved up market and brought a wrasse sc1 sstv converter. Early linesequential modes, such as wrasse sc 1, used a horizontal sync pulse for each of the color components, but a drawback to this method, according to langner, is that if the receiving end gets out of step, it wont know which scan represents which color langner.

A computerlaptop with an audioinput and the special, free software wxtoimg installed. Sep 20, 2011 the use of rock as an anvil has now been described from different places in three genera of wrasses, the ancestral choerodon, and the more derived halichoeres and thalassoma, which span the majority of the evolutionary history of wrasses 50 million years, cowman et al. Got my six line wrasse yesturday and he seems to be settling in well. The six line wrasse pseudocheilinus hexataenia is one of the wrasses that can be considered reef safe. My sstv is running 247 uploading my picks live to the net using a kenwood 480 and mmsstv software.

Slow scan television is a method of transmitting medium and high resolution images over the air using standard audio modulation. The wrasse within this category will not pick at nor consume corals or most invertebrates. Also all free run sstv modes martin m1 and m2, scotti s1 and s2, scotti dx, wraase 180s, pasakon p3, p5 and p7. The solar fairy wrasse is just like most other fairy wrasses easy to feed.

Digital radio modes androscoggin amateur radio club. The slow scan companion british amateur television club. Wrasse sc 2 180s shareware fully functional except image save and rttycw logging disabled until registered gshpc. Feb 01, 2009 i have a male and female pylei wrasse and added a halichoerus wrasse without any problem. Ckswrasses wetwebmedia, aquarium, pond, marine and.

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